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About Exotique Blends

Exotique Blends is a company that specializes in providing consumers with beauty services and products that helps them to maintain healthy and beautiful skin. Through these services, we help our clients to achieve their desired beauty goals.

Exotique Blends Day Spa

Situated in one of Ottawa’s most popular suburban neighborhoods, Exotique Blends offers much sought after esthetic services in a clean, quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Exotique Blends Day Spa is about exceeding all our client's expectations, by providing a quality 1-on-1 Spa experience, making our clients feel valued.

Exotique  Blends Skincare

At Exotique Blends we believe that skincare should be free of harsh and harmful chemicals and as natural as possible. It should nurture the skin, be easy to use, smell good and feel incredible. Our skincare line, is 98% botanical and focuses mainly on the face. It is gentle and effective, yet extremely easy to use. Just pick your skin type, use the products daily and then sit back and admire the result. Skincare should be simple yet hard working. Because Nature knows best, our ingredients are as natural as possible. One of our most loved ingredient is Shea Butter. We use Shea butter for it's moisturizing, skin healing goodness and for the superior quality that this butter gives to our products. It is by far non the best oil out there. You may never need anything else to maintain healthy beautiful skin. Our goal is to give you the best because...

We believe that you, the consumer, deserve the best.

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